"Erweitere deinen Horizont"

Marcel Schottkowski

Among other things, this slogan marked the release of the highly anticipated Modern Horizons 2.

This set not only brings fresh wind to the Modern Meta but also introduces many cards for other formats such as Commander or Pauper.

Long-sought-after fetch lands can finally be drawn again in regular draft boosters and, with a bit of luck, even in "full art" or "old design".

In terms of price, Modern Horizons 2 aligns more with the Master sets, which may not be affordable for everyone, but one can consistently claim to get good value for money, as nearly all Mythic Rares and many regular Rares significantly exceed the price of a draft or set booster (even in the non-foil version).

Personally, we especially love the nostalgia of the set!


With cards like "Kaldra Compleat" or "Scion of Draco," you are transported back to the time of Mirrodin and Planar Chaos, while players who have been around longer can enjoy a Planeswalker version of Dakkon Blackblade (Legends 1994). Another historical figure from the MTG universe, Garth One-Eye, has also been immortalized on a card and possesses the amazing ability to create a copy of the Black Lotus by tapping! (YES! THE BLACK LOTUS!)

Players who have always wanted to build a Squirrel deck, whether EDH or 60-card format, will also get their money's worth here.

All in all, Modern Horizons 2 is a very successful and strong Magic set, whose cards we will surely encounter for a long time in various formats!

Your Zauberhand Team


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