Questions Regarding the Current Corona Situation:

Is regular shipping currently taking place?

Of course, our shipping department is continuously working. Due to the two-shift operation and other internal precautionary measures, we are currently a bit slower than usual. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Additionally, all shipping service providers are currently overwhelmed, and there have been delivery issues in recent weeks. The situation is expected to improve soon.

General Questions:

What does "limited" mean?

Our first edition "Dead End" products are each produced only 500 times. This will remain the case! We want our products to have an individual character for you, so not every player worldwide has the same box!

Will there be other colors and editions?

Yes, all items will also be available in other colors or with additional features, new artworks, etc., at the appropriate time. However, our items will continue to be strictly limited!


Zauberhand® Deck Box

How many cards fit in the deck box?

We have tested our deck box with various cards and sleeves. On average, 120 double-sleeved cards fit in the deck box. With Ultra Hard Sleeves as inner sleeves, it will be slightly less.

Is there a deck box without a USB power bank?

In our first edition "Dead End," the power bank is permanently installed. So if you don't need the power for your life counter app, you always have emergency power for your phone.

Additionally, you can use the USB lamp in low light conditions!

Is the USB power bank replaceable?

In the next editions, the power bank will be replaceable. If it stops working after a few years, you can conveniently replace it with another one!

How is the Premium Commander Sleeve used and attached?

The Commander Sleeve is attached to the main box with magnets. Simply plug and play. The magnets are slightly protruding, so to protect your commander particularly well, we recommend double sleeving the card before placing it in the Commander Sleeve!

Do you have any questions? Send us your instant message right away!