Bluthelden TCG: Chronicae Leronae

Marcel Schottkowski

Siruinian Seehoff der weiße Herrscher auf seinem Thron

Siruinian Seehoff, the White Ruler on His Throne

From the “Chronicae Leronae” of the royal magister Tillion of Weidenheim:

And so it came to pass that Sirunian the Wise, King of Falkenheim, Keeper of the Golden Wing, and Master of the Guild of Light, rose from the Falcon Throne and spoke:

“But you, Barabas Ulfaran, shall henceforth live in exile in the eternally dark Nachtheim. And with you all shadow beings and creatures of darkness, and all humans and other beings who have devoted themselves to black magic. And the way to the world of light, to Falkenheim, Elbenquell, and to the arcane lowlands, shall be forever barred to you.”

The Paladins of the Falcon Guard seized him and brought him before the city gates, and thus Barabas submitted to his fate. But henceforth, the poison of rage flowed through his veins.

The inhabitants of Falkenheim lived in peace and happiness. And just as the wheat prospered in the wide fields and farms of the realm, so did knowledge flourish in the universities and magical guild houses in the cities of Falkenheim.

Elarion the Wise, head of the mages of the arcane lowlands, keeper of knowledge and lord over the beings of all seven worlds, heard of the rising Falkenheim and set out to visit King Sirunian at his court to see for himself. And after examining the mages of the Guild of Light and studying their writings, he agreed to exchange and mutually instruct each other in the magical arts henceforth.

And also, in nearby Elbenquell, it quickly spread that the inhabitants of Falkenheim had found the right path. And so, it didn’t take long before King Lirael Silverleaf, ruler of the high elves, appeared in the capital and offered the King of Falkenheim a pact of peace.

With every dispatch that reached the dark Barabas Ulfaran, his heart darkened more, and the anger in his soul grew. And so, he swore to the adepts of darkness, the shadow beings, and the black magicians, the undead and revenants, to take revenge on Sirunian, conquer all of Leros, subjugate the light peoples, and lay the eternal mantle of darkness over the world. And thus, he gathered the forces of evil around him, forged a dark pact with the wild horde of Kael al Shamal, whose shamans summon the evil spirits of his ancestors and feast on human blood.

Through this dark alliance, the power and strength of the dark Barabas grew—and so he subjugated the armies of fire and deceit, the Orcai and the Ogres, the Goblins and the Kobolds, and made them his willing allies in the fight against the light forces of the south.

And so, the sky over the north of Leros darkened as the black adepts of Barnabas formed, accompanied by the dull drums of Kael al Shamal and the marching of the Orc armies heading for Falkenheim.

There, the golden horns of Camorrus soon sounded, announcing the impending doom and the forthcoming battle. And so, the light armies of Falkenheim, Elbenquell, and the arcane highlands formed to face the black forces of the north.

Under the wary eyes of the dwarves and trolls, the fairies and pixies, and all other nature beings, hoping that their world, Leros, might survive the final battle.


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