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The only deck box that can fit Commander decks with thick or triple sleeved decks.

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5. Edition "Soul" Deck-Box mit Flesh and Blood Zonen - STRENG LIMITIERT - Zauberhand

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More protection needs more space

We have designed our deck boxes so that each of our boxes can hold over 110 cards. This way, your collection is not only safe, but also complete .

And of course the number refers to double sleeved cards!

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6. Edition "Dissension" Deck-Box - STRENG LIMITIERT - Zauberhand

More order thanks to magnetic Commander Sleeves

Because we were tired of opening or labeling our boxes, all of our deck boxes come with a magnetic cover so you can immediately see which deck is in the box!

To the individual deck boxes

High-quality materials

All of our deck boxes are made of high-quality, non-slip synthetic leather.

In addition, hard plastic is sewn into all walls, which makes the boxes super stable.

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5. Edition "Soul" Deck-Box - STRENG LIMITIERT - Zauberhand

Our deck box in action

Zauberhand founder Marcel gives a brief overview of all the features of our DeckBox

Blood Heroes - Crowdfunding

The trading card game specially developed by Zauberhand!

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Zauberhand® EST. in 2020

The Zauberhand® brand was developed in 2020. Zauberhand® offers very special products and services for you and your card treasures.

Each product is STRICTLY LIMITED or even one of a kind, so you can be sure that your accessories or Altered Art cards are as unique as you are!

You will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd and make a magical impression. It's MAGIC!



Is there currently regular shipping?

Of course, our shipping department is working continuously. However, due to the two-shift operation and other internal precautionary measures, we are currently a little slower than usual. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

In addition, all shipping service providers are currently at full capacity and there have been repeated problems with deliveries in recent weeks. Here, too, the situation will change for the better.

What does limited actually mean?

Our products from the first edition “Dead End” were only produced 500 times each. It will stay that way! We want our products to retain an individual character for you or at least not every player in the world to play with the same box!

Will there be other colors and editions?

Yes, all items will be available in different colors or with additional features, new artwork, etc. at some point. However, our items will continue to be strictly limited!

How many cards fit in the deck box?

We tested our deck box with a wide variety of cards and sleeves. On average, 120 cards, double sleeved, fit into the deck box. With ultra hard sleeves as inner sleeves, the number is slightly less.

How do you use and attach the Premium Commander case?

The Commander case is attached to the main box with magnets.

The magnets protrude slightly, to protect your Commander especially well we recommend that you slide it into the Commander case in double sleeved form!

Is there a deck box without a USB power bank?

In our first edition "Dead End" the power bank is permanently installed. So if you don't need the energy for your Life Counter app, you always have emergency power for your cell phone with you.

You can also use the USB lamp in poor lighting conditions!