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The Zauberhand project and brand were developed in the summer of 2019 and finally brought to life in early 2020.

How did it come about?
For decades, we have been playing various card and fantasy games with great enthusiasm. We especially enjoy playing and collecting Magic: the Gathering.

Here's a little anecdote: On a warm summer evening in 2019, we sat outside on the terrace, playing Magic for several hours and completely losing track of time. Our phone batteries had long died, so we were practically cut off from the outside world; it was also getting dark. Eventually, we had to reluctantly pause our game, even though we were still deeply immersed in the Magic frenzy.

At that very moment, a brilliant idea was born, because we wanted to ensure that such a situation would never happen again! We envisioned a deck box for our Commander decks (sufficient for 100+ cards in double sleeves) that could also charge our phones and provide light.

A few weeks later, we found a supplier who manufactured our first prototype. We played with this sample for several weeks to confirm its quality. Several improvements and updates were made, and today we are proud to present to you our first edition "Zauberhand®" boxes.

Zauberhand® boxes are equipped with a USB charger that can either charge your phone in an emergency or power the external "floodlight" for several hours.

When we held our first product in our hands, we weren't satisfied yet. We set a new goal: to create a fine, individual package for all enthusiastic players. Therefore, we immediately began drafting our own sleeves ("Art Sleeves" with hot new artworks) and Zauberhand collector albums.

We wanted to make it even more unique, as we always find it exciting as players and collectors to play with special cards and unique pieces. We quickly recruited talented artists. These brilliant creative minds design individual Magic Altered Art cards for you so that you can stand out even more from other players!

And now it's your turn!

Magical greetings
from Markus and Marcel

You can find our artists here!