Just as the developers of Magic: The Gathering and other games are creative, our artists are also highly talented and among the best in their field! Imaginative individuals who provide you with a unique gaming experience through their artworks.

With the start of our 1st Edition, we collaborate with:

Anthony Catillaz
"Tony" is a fantastic artist, and we began our cooperation in the fall of '23. You can look forward to the amazing projects and products that will emerge from our collaboration!

Hugh "Pindurski" Pindur
This fantastic artist contributed the artwork "DEAD END" for the 1st Edition of our products. He also created our brilliant play-mat "Faster you Sack of Meat" and, most recently, our latest edition "Dissension," which will be released in January 2024!

He has since worked on several cards for Magic: The Gathering with Wizards of the Coast. You can find him on Twitter under @pindurski.

Pindurski @ Instagram, DEAD END, Hugh Pindur