Händler Mehrwert

Dear Store Owner, we'd like to answer the following questions for you:


1. How do we achieve higher visibility on social media?

2. How do we bring more customers to your store?

About the Campaign:

1. You order Zauberhand products worth 1000 Euros net.
2. We provide you with the wheel of fortune for free.
3. You receive 100 inner sleeves for free, as well as 100 x 5 Euro vouchers for our Bluthelden platform.
4. These gifts are given to your customers on-site in your store after they share their win on Instagram!

This way, you gain more attention on social media and new customers in your store, increasing overall sales!

Additional Benefits:

- New and innovative products
- Secure limited editions
- Attractive price-performance ratio
- Growing fan community
- Direct from the manufacturer

The following shops have already decided to collaborate with us:

- BB-Spiele
- Bazaar of Wonders
- Collect and More
- Coon Capital
- Fantasywelt
- Games Island
- Games-Univers
- Innventory
- Mage Store
- Magic Online Shop
- MiMa Market
- Tappzeit
- Taschengelddieb
- TradingCardsBerlin
- Yugi-Oase
- Zauberland


- Lotus Collectibles, Slovenia
- Trollsnest Athens
- IGS Χαλκίδας Chalkida
- Fantasy Shop Athens
- www.singlesales.be, BELGIUM
- TopDeck, Hillerød, Denmark

Your Contact:

Marcel Schottkowski

We look forward to hearing from you!