Interested in Innovative and Limited Products for Your Store?!

Do you find our products interesting and would like to include them in your assortment?

Do you own a physical store or an online shop?

Then feel free to contact us, preferably with a copy of your business license. We will send you all the information you need.

Your Benefits:

- New and innovative products
- Secure limited editions
- Attractive price-performance ratio
- Direct from the manufacturer

The following shops have already decided to collaborate with us:

  • BB-Spiele
  • Bazaar of Wonders
  • Collect and More
  • Coon Capital
  • Fantasywelt
  • Games Island
  • Games-Univers
  • Innventory
  • Krookoo Games
  • Mage Store
  • Magic Online Shop
  • MiMa Market
  • -aschengelddieb
  • TradingCardsBerlin
  • Yugi-Oase
  • Zauberland Spiele


  • Lotus Collectibles, Slovenia
  • Trollsnest Athens
  • IGS Χαλκίδας Chalkida
  • Fantasy Shop Athens
  • No Label X, Athens
  • www.singlesales.be, BELGIUM
  • TopDeck, Hillerød, Denmark

Your Contact:

Marcel Schottkowski

We look forward to hearing from you!