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  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • Deck - Box "All Faces" - Zauberhand
  • 3. Edition "All Faces" Deck-Box und Artwork Hüllen - Zauberhand
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  • Deck-Box "All Faces"

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    Whats included?
    • Storage Unit
    • 4x Deckbox
    • 104 Sleeves
    • Magnetic Playmat (can be used as a cover)
    • USB-Powerbank 4.500 mAh with 2 Ports
    • 4 magnetic Premium Commander Sleeves
    • USB-Light, Bottle opener, storage space
    Easy and Secure Payment
    Quick Delivery Within 3-4 Working days
    Quick Delivery Within 3-4 Working days
    Zauberhand Deckbox
    Premium Quality
    Store 4x >110 Double Sleeved Cards in every Box
    Playmat, Sleeves, Powerbank, USB Light included
    Magnetic Commander Sleeves
    Personal Support

    The Ultimate Storage Solution

    Elevate your card game experience with the Zauberhand Deckbox – where functionality meets elegance.

    1. Universal Compatibility:
    Fits all standard-sized trading cards, including MTG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more.

    2. Optimal Organization:
    Each of the 4 Boxes holds more than 110 Double Sleeved Cards.

    The included premium Playmat also works as a cover for the Deckbox and you can fit all your accessories in the Deckbox easily.

    3. Portability and Convenience:
    Designed for gamers on the go, the Zauberhand Deckbox is compact and perfect to carry to tournaments or game nights.

    The secure closure ensures that your cards stay safe during transport, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.



    Whats the Commander Sleeve for?

    It's a magnetic cover for your Commander, that you can attach to the Deckboxes. It's a perfect way to display and protect your Commander card and you'll always know which deck is in which box.

    Whats the Powerbank for?

    The Deckbox is from Gamers for Gamers. During long games, our phones often ran out of battery. To prevent that, we include a portable Power Bank in our Deckbox for the perfect experience.

    Also, the Powerbank can be used for the LED Light.

    Will my whole Commander Decks fit into the Boxes?

    We especially designed the Boxes to be big enough for a whole Commander Deck in Double Sleeves - No squeezing your cards anymore!

    Is it possible to get spare Boxes, if i have more than 4 Decks i want to use?

    Yes! You can order single boxes and easily swap them with those in your Deckbox.

    Young Start-Up

    We've been playing MTG for decades already. Eventually, we wanted to improve the gaming experience and developed our 1st Edition Deckbox.

    Our goal is, to ensure the perfect gaming experience for all card players around the world! Your favourite Decks, the Playmat and all other Accessories together in an elegant, safe and high-quality Deckbox.

    Give your Decks the protection they deserve and display them properly with Zauberhand.